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Kaunas  – Lithuania

In Lithuania the old ways have not disappeared. There is still enough connection with the elemental powers and nature based gods to make a link. This Earthly-Divine link must be made now! The Grandmothers have promised that the light in this land will never go out but will support the energy bands that wrap this part of our planet.

We will meet in the countryside outside Kaunas, coming together in power to sing the ancestral songs of Lithuania, dance the ancient dances, and bless one another. We will make a sacred connection with the old gods of nature and the elemental spirits of the land. The links we make, supported by all the kingdoms of light, will spread to the countries surrounding Lithuania and help restore harmony to our planet. We will strengthen the power of the Net of Light so it can hold this part of the earth steady.

Join us as together we anchor great goodness for ourselves and all beings. Sharon will be with us so the Gathering will be in English as well as Lithuanian.

If you register before May 15, the cost for the Net of Light Gathering, including one night’s lodging and three vegetarian meals per day for both Saturday and Sunday is 165 Euro. If you register after May 15, the cost is 185 Euro.

To register for the Net of Light Gathering in Lithuania, contact Vilma Urbanaviciene, vilma@mijalba.com