2016-jul-07 There is no time to bemoan the fate of the world. No time to worry about how terrible and terrifying things are. no time.

“This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you. You are part of this Net. Take your glorious place.”

“There is no time to bemoan the fate of the world. No time to worry about how terrible and terrifying things are. no time.”

7-7-16 Message from the Grandmothers :
“You were not born to cower in fear, not born to hide and tremble. No! You were born for greatness. Born a vessel of love, destined to stand steady–a great tree, offering shade and shelter to all. You are not weak and helpless.
“At times you may feel fear as it passes by because fear is always seeking a place to feed. But fear cannot take up permanent residence in you when you are linked with us.
“Stand in your power. Call forth the Net of Light, magnify its reach and then hold steady. BE the great one you are. Give love and comfort whenever you can; hold a place of peace in an un-peaceful world. Call on us to surround and support you. We will! and the more you work with us, the more you will anchor the Net of Light for the world. You will become a walking blessing upon the earth. This is what is needed now and THIS is what you were born for.
“We stand with you now and always. You have everything you need.
“Now get to work!”

Grandmothers Gatherings
Salt Fork State Park Lodge, Ohio, Sept 30-Oct 2
“Let a great reconciliation take place within the center of the United States. An Ancestral, racial and cultural healing to free the past, present and the future. You have suffered long enough from separating one group of people from another. Today we call you to move into the One Love.” –the Great Council of the Grandmothers

Together we will heal the past and in so doing, heal the present. We will link the lands where we gather with the Net of Light

to bring reconciliation to many dimensions.
  • Join the earth to the the Net of Light to heal old wounds.
  • Connect with the ancestors of the light within the specific locations where we gather
  • Harmonize relationships to mend wounds of individuals, cultures, races, and nations.
For more information and to register for a Net of Light Gathering, go to Events

Book quote
National Geographic photo of the year
If you think of us when you place your hand on a tree, that tree becomes sanctified. We are already present within the tree but recognizing the Divine is important. If you don’t recognize the Divine presence in the world, you live your life blind. You loose the opportunity to amplify the presence of Divinity for yourself and others. 
Our Love is Our Power, 
p. 120


Wishing you all the very best,
Sharon McErlane

Net of Light and Grandmothers Speak